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Corporate and Small Business
W-4 | W-9 | I-9

Keep your employees’, contractors’ and vendors’ required forms all in one place and at the click of a button.

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Whatever position you are hiring for, you have to start with 2 of these 3 required forms.

WTF provides your employees and contractors the digital ease of filling out their required paperwork accurately, securely and efficiently by answering a few simple questions. WTF then does all the work for you, auto filling the required forms and letting you know when they are complete.  Even remind employees to complete their forms with a push of the button.

WTF helps to remove liability from the equation and keeps you from advising employees on how to fill out their forms. What Tax Form will help shrink your filing cabinet with secure cloud storage of all your employees sensitive documents.  We can even store inactive employees or vendors for you.  

Want even more?  WTF allows you to customize and add forms!  You can add in your employee handbooks, NDAs, mission statements or whatever forms you just ‘have to have’.

At What Tax Form, we strive to take the “WTF” out of the on-boarding process for both you and your team!

Festivals, Events & Functions

Store your contractors and vendors
all in one place.

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Hiring on the spot with a big clipboard? Trying to keep your forms unwrinkled and together while you run around on a job site?  Ditch all of the hassle with What Tax Form!

Name the event and location.  Then store the appropriate vendors and freelancers accordingly. It’s that easy! Need a COI? A list of policies? VIP list? Use our custom forms tab to upload any document you need to make your even run even smoother.

Is it monthly or annual? Zip and download the entire event’s paperwork at the click of a button.

What was the name of that guy who did the thing last year? Stored paperwork from all your past vendors allows you easily to search and ask back a favorite vendor. 

Eliminate searching through your email for the most up to date event information. Provide it at your employees finger tips. Upload maps of locations, production schedules, attendee schedules.  Don’t worry, all uploads are retractable from the staff after the successful completion of your event.

W-4| W-9 | I-9

Freelancer, or overachiever, take care
of your own paperwork.

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Whatever position you’re hiring for you’re going to start with 2 of these 3 forms. We let you build up from there. Add in your employee handbooks, or NDAs whatever forms you just ‘have’ to have. (Don’t we’ll help you and let you know of some you might not be familiar with)

Provide the ease and security for your employees so that they won’t mind doing paperwork and they’ll even do it on time. If they don’t send them a push notification or nudge them with a reminder through WTF. Remove your business  from being liable when your employees don’t understand the forms. What Tax Form breaks the information down into digestible bits and streamlines the redundant information.

A Secure Portal For Taxes


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About Us

What Tax Form was created to help understand the confusing language in required paperwork. To stop individuals from guessing and blindly completing important documents and creating a easy to use portal between employees and companies.

We store the information the businesses need and provide support to the employee. By creating the pre-step to tax platforms, What Tax Form is the ideal middle between Payroll and Accounting systems.